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"A steady, rewarding build...a vibrant cast of characters."

~ Kirkus Reviews



Someone had been trying for

the perfect shade of red . . .


     When art professor Bianca James tries to save a dying woman, the grudge-holding chief of police is all too quick to catapult her to the top of the suspect list. As if that isn’t enough, her ex-boyfriend’s younger brother, Finn Tierny, is assigned to the case, and she’s faced with a trilogy of dilemmas: go head to head with the chief, stop a cold-blooded killer on her own, or trust another Tierny.

     Finn’s return to Riley’s Peak is bittersweet. He’s flooded with memories, both good and bad, as he battles doubts about being a cop, a cantankerous father, a jealous brother, and a drug dealer with a rap-sheet longer than the list of addicts he’s been supplying.

     Threats escalate, the suspect list grows, and it becomes clear—the murderer’s resolve to kill Bianca is almost as strong as Finn’s desire to keep her alive.




"The compelling characters and deliciously suspenseful plot are flawless."

Jen Thomason ~ Dandelions Inspired Book Reviews


Can they outrun danger?

... Will they outrun love?

     Tish Duchene wonders if she’ll ever be able to live a normal life after what happened in Iraq. She’s left the army behind, but the horror is indelibly etched in her mind. And just when she’s ready to find a nice corner to curl up in and lick her wounds, her mother, a pharmaceutical executive, goes missing. Tish would be more comfortable with a solo mission, but she needs the expertise of a certain private investigator, Dylan Tierny, a man who infuriates her from the get-go.

     Dylan has fought his share of demons, so what’s a few more? But falling in love is the last thing on his agenda as he battles the dark side of a drug company deep in a cover up. Pile on chaos in his personal life and it’s enough to drive him back to the vice that nearly cost him everything and everyone he cared about.

     Tish and Dylan traverse a bridge of uncertainty, redefining with every step what it is they can’t live without.

     Who they can’t live without.

     Before it’s too late.

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A short novella from the author of Chasing Symmetry and Chasing Gravity.

Rose Sterling’s dreams begin to take flight when she lands a starring role in the town production. As much as she tries to focus on the opportunity, handsome cop, Mack Tierney, proves to be a distraction. Mack falls fast and hard for Rose, and when a murderer in nearby Pittsburgh is suspected of having ties to Riley’s Peak, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe. 

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