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Happy New Day!

Happy New Day!

Thirty-nine days in and I’m finally ready to tackle the annoying little New Year’s task I’ve been putting off: making resolutions. Sigh.

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Year after year I make the list: lose weight, eat better, work out more, less couch time, only to end up frustrated when I fail to keep said resolutions.

It’s not like I’m giving up on the opportunity for a fresh start. I like that word: opportunity, and I like to think that each new day is an opportunity. So I had a thought, no resolutions that encompass the whole year. Instead, each morning I’ll make a resolution just for that day. I can manage that. I’m all about baby steps!

Some ideas I’m throwing into the hopper:

  • Read in a genre I haven’t sampled yet

  • Eat something green at every meal. (Green M&Ms don't count)

  • Take five minutes to stare straight ahead and do absolutely nothing

  • Step away from the computer, pick up a pen and write the old fashioned way, whether it’s a journal entry, a scene for a novel, a blog post . . .

  • Call someone I haven't spoken to for a long time

  • Learn a word in five different languages

  • Turn my phone off and place it on a shelf I can’t reach

  • Resist the urge to see what’s new on Netflix

  • Take more steps, hold a plank longer, swim farther, hit more tennis balls than the day before

  • Pay it forward in some small way; buy a stranger a cup of coffee, make a donation to a new charity, say a prayer for someone I don’t even know

A new approach. The sense of accomplishment without the guilt. Kind of like eating a bowl of ice cream without any calories!

So what’s your story?


Image: Albert Cornelissen

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