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March 2019 Update

Well, my friends, I’m woefully behind on updating you on what’s going on at my little writing desk. I’m sure you’ve been waiting with bated breath! I published my novella, Behind the Mask, at the end of 2018. It’s a companion story to the Riley’s Peak series, with a throwback look at some characters from the Chasing Symmetry and Chasing Gravity novels, Mack and Rose. As I was getting to know them in the Chasing books, I became intrigued, and decided I needed to spend a little more time with them. Their story is filled with romance, mystery, and 70’s Americana. If you’re interested, it’s currently available in ebook on Amazon.

Check back here periodically, because I’m planning some exciting things for 2019. Giveaways, new releases, and more!

Thanks for stopping by, and do drop me a line to say hi or connect via social media.

Hope all is well in your life!

xx Tempeste

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