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The Bridge Between

I have always been fascinated with bridges, their size, shape, and structure, and especially what lies between point A and point B. In my first novel, Chasing Symmetry, there’s a brief exchange about London Bridge between Bianca and Maris, and yes, the well-known children’s song comes into play. In Chasing Gravity, an important scene takes place at the pinnacle of the town’s tallest bridge where Dylan is forced to face his fear of heights while fighting sweaty palms, racing heart, and images of plunging headlong to his death.

How about you?

Any visceral responses flair when you look at this picture?

I know my vertigo is threatening to lay me flat if I so much as glance at it.

Webster defines bridge as “A construction or natural feature that spans a divide.” What a great metaphor. In my romantic suspense stories, the bridges between heroes and heroines are well-traveled, but I also love to explore the bridges between other characters. Are they treacherous to traverse? New territory? Well-established and vital with the underpinnings of a stable foundation? About to crumble from disrepair? All these questions can prompt that queasy lurching stomach, that sensation of losing one’s footing and tripping into the unknown.

What’s your story? Any thoughts on bridges? What about heights? Do they make you skittish, or are you a hook-me-up-to-that-bungee-cord kind of person?


Bridge in trees image via @glen_jackson

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